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DJ Nix Beat

DJ Nix Beat

Nick Kuzmack has an old website which is actually make by himself. He is a music journalist and come to me to make a professional blogging website for his journalism. I checked his website is really very bad and approach with some modern concept. He makes his decision to work with me and ordered my service. I completely transformed his website with a very much modern look and build very easy functionality for him to manage the website easily. He just loved the output and I’m really happy to make his pleased.

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This is a really tough project for me since I started this. This website is not a regular website. This website has internal communication and membership features including “Event Management”, “Business Directory Listings”, “Member Profile Creation”, “Group Management”, and “Internal Private Messaging” almost like a social media platform that is not publicly opened, Only registered and paid members can access those private features. Using WordPress for this is the biggest and most difficult project since now. But fortunately, I have managed everything properly as per the client’s requirements and this client is really happy with the work I have done. I’ve to use lots of plugins and custom codes to manage everything and as a result, the website is really heavy. For my good luck, I have successfully optimized the website loading speed and this site took almost 10GB of storage capacity on Hosting. Now I have the confidence to handle bigger size website projects like this.


Officer Survey

Making this website for “Officer Survey” was really challenging. This website is representing an application which is providing wide range of survey system for America’s Law Enforcement Agencies. Requirement of the website was top notch. Website should be very clean and eye-catching, Website should be highly optimized for Speed and SEO, Website should be responsive to different types of devices (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile), Website should be run smoothly. There are some different types of integration of external resources. I have tried my best to complete this website and client is really happy with this website. This website is completely build with WordPress using Astra Theme, Elementor Pro page builder. There are some small customized script and codes have used to fulfill the requirements.

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